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Client testimonials
"Kerinver Chiropractic has the best staff who are readily available to help. They are patient oriented, compassionate and professional."

Lilliam V.
"Dr Maysonet and the whole staff are absolutely amazing!"

Kriselys M.
"The Dr. is very friendly respectful and knowledgeable."

Sukaidie A.
"From the phone conversation in making the appointment to the end of service was great and easy."

Eddie D.
"Treated with respect the staff are amazing. I recommend Kerinver Chiropractic 100%. Thank you guys for all you due to help me with my pains."

Nelida R.
"I can’t say enough good things about the Dr and all the staff, so friendly, I feel like family"

Ronald G.
"The service is excellent, the doctors superb and very knowledgeable."

Michelle L.
"Simply the best Dr. Maysonet and his team are super professional."

Rosalina E.
"Kerinver Chiropractic Health is an awesome location. They are family-oriented and Dr. Maysonet really is a caring doctor."

Sabrina M.
"I love this place! The Dr. and the staff are very professional and kind; they make you feel at home."

Sheilyn C.
"From the adjustment to the massages and all the services that Kerinver Chiropractic provides my experience have been amazing."

Angel C.
"Dr. Maysonet and his staff are great people and were very helpful."

Caleb B.
Dr. Josue Maysonet at Kerinver Chiropractic has been nothing but excellent!
I suffered from knee and lower back pain for years and thanks to Dr. Maysonet I now feel better than ever and attend monthly for preventative reasons.
My family and I have been going to his practice for a little over 3 years and we are beyond grateful for his attention to detail and always treating us like family.

Nelson M.

I just moved to Orlando and was looking for a palmer graduate for a chiropractor. DR Maysonet is excellent! his adjustments are conservative, which is the way it should be, (according to X-rays). Therapies offered are wonderful as well. Christine and Melany are excellent masseuse at getting the knots out, rest of the staff, Wendy, Zeng, and Brianna are warm and polite and makes you feel at home.

Ana B.
I injured myself - my back - and I was in Orlando on business. I was in lots of pain and didn't know what to do. An associate of mine suggested I see a Palmer trained Chiropractor. Dr Josue Maysonet. This man is well-trained and a blessed Healer. He saw me as a one time patient and gave me immediate relief from the pain -- made me stabile, well and productive. Thank you Dr. Maysonet....

Sam M.
I was beyond impressed with my experience at Kerinver. My first contact was with The front staff and I was completely blown away by how helpful and kind she was and how fast she was at getting back to me! A lot of doctors don't realize how important it is to have administration like Kerinver Chiropractic. The first point of contact is crucial! Now on to the appointment... my appointment ran on time, Dr Maysonet was really knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable throughout the appointment! I would highly recommend Dr. Maysonet!

Camen L.
The best of all I have tried before. Excellent in customer service and Quiro practice Service. 100% reccomended!
Carlos C.

Apr 02, 2024
Great staff, Excellent Doctor, takes good care of every case and works with you to feel much better. Since you cross the door you feel welcomed and they make sure to take good care of your well being.
Marie Ann P.

Mar 29, 2024