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Shoulder Pain

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Shoulder Pain

Your shoulders don’t often get the attention they deserve until or unless shoulder pain develops, at which point you may find it difficult to focus on anything else. At Kerinver Chiropractic in Kissimmee and Orlando, Florida, Josue Maysonet, DC, and his team bring a wealth of experience in diagnosing and treating shoulder pain. To begin a path toward relief, book an appointment online or over the phone.  

Shoulder Pain Q & A

What does shoulder pain feel like?

Your shoulder joints are among the largest joints in the body and consist of a combination of bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. Your shoulders are engaged in motion throughout each day and can become strained from lifting or carrying items. 

Occasional shoulder soreness after an intense workout or a day spent moving furniture is normal and usually no cause for concern. However, when shoulder pain is extreme or lingers for more than a few days, it’s essential to see a chiropractor for a diagnostic work-up.  

Shoulder pain can be sharp or dull. It can create a constant state of discomfort or come and go over time. You might also notice sensations like stinging, burning, or tingling or a complete loss of sensation in the form of numbness. 

What are the benefits of choosing chiropractic care for shoulder pain?

There are numerous ways to treat shoulder pain, including surgical intervention. While there are cases in which surgery is the best way to repair a severely damaged shoulder, many cases of shoulder pain can be addressed in a less invasive manner. 

Many people choose chiropractic care for shoulder pain to avoid the risks associated with surgery. This includes the side effects of prescription pain medication, including addiction. 

Surgery also requires an extensive recovery period, during which your activities are severely limited. Many people simply cannot take the time away from work and other obligations. 

Chiropractic care offers a chance to relieve shoulder pain naturally. The focus is on using hands-on techniques to address joint alignment problems and promote your body’s natural healing function. 

How long does it take to recover from shoulder pain fully?

Your treatment process depends on the extent of your shoulder damage and how you use your shoulders throughout the course of your typical days. It can take time for your body to heal itself, even with outstanding chiropractic care. 

Following the guidelines your chiropractor sets out is an essential part of recovering from shoulder damage. Don’t push too hard and risk creating additional damage, and give yourself the freedom to take breaks and rest the joint as needed. 

Your chiropractor will outline your treatment plan in detail, including giving you an idea of how long your active treatment might last. When you’re ready to begin, booking a visit takes just moments whether you choose to connect with the practice online or by phone.