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2018 Success Storie Honoree In Central Florida

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2018 Success Storie Honoree In Central Florida

“I am passionate about chiropractic heath because I can offer my patients a natural way to deal with musculoskeletal conditions that otherwise would’ve been treated with medications and other invasive procedures. What sets Kerinver Chiropractic apart is the quality care we provide to our patients, with true family Chiropractic care. My name is Dr. Josue Maysonet. I am the president of Kerinver Chiropractic health.

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[00:44] Many years ago, when I was 17 years old, I suffered a severe car accident where I fractured my neck. My mom took me to a number of different doctors, they couldn’t figure out what was going on. So, it was a chiropractor who took the time to listen, I was taken to the hospital for a number of days where they did a number of procedures to correct the actual fracture. That is the reason why I decided to study chiropractic, I practiced for about a year after I came out of chiropractic school, and after that we set up out corporation in 2015.

[01:21] So, the biggest challenge we had at the beginning was to set up all the details of our business plan so that we didn’t commit any mistake. So, I’m glad we have Prospera in the Kissimmee area, because me and my wife were able to go there, to continue to get educated, and grow as business owners. Some of the services that we got from Prospera at the beginning was the training, the hands-on education. After that, we received grants to cover all the business expenses, like legal advice, accounting set up, business plan, marketing plan. Every business needs a strong foundation, and Prospera gave us the connections, gave us friendships, it was like a platform for us, and that ultimately set us up to grown, so that we could succeed in business.

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[02:13] Today we have 11 staff. 3 part-time, 8 full-time. We see over 40 patients a day, and we just opened our second location in the heart of Lake Nona. Because of our relationship with Prospera, we have stronger foundation, and a better future to succeed in business.

[02:36] My recommendation to those that are starting a new business is to work hard and set up a strong foundation, so they don’t make mistakes along the way. Setting up the right connections and the right people around the business will bring the tools that are so valuable to ensure success.

[02:53] In Kerinver Chiropractic Care we offer the full spectrum of chiropractic care, including wellness assessment, chiropractic rehabilitation, and sport injury rehab.”

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